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Famous Deaths In February 2012- Famous Celebrity Deaths in History February 2012. In February we lost many beloved people, including a pop icon Whitney Houston, "Grandpa Joe grandpa joe david kelly" and "The Kid Gary carter." Scroll through to read about these and others who passed away.

David Kelly Irish actor
David Kelly Irish british 11 July 1929
Died Feb. 12 or 13 February 2012
Actor David Kelly played the famous Grandpa Joe David Kelly grandpa joe in this movie musical willie wonka and the chocolate factory and had worldwide appeal. David Kelly short illness, Kelly motorcycle naked waking ned
John Severin
Died Feb. 12 (b. 1921)
John Severin was a prolific Severin EC Comics Marvel war Western comic book artist who held a long tenure with one satirical magazine Severin 45 cracked and cofounded another Severin mad founders. Severin 90 home, john Severin comics 
Whitney Houston
Died Feb. 11 (b. 1963)
Whitney Houston was a pop icon. She was the most-awarded, Houston Guinness Records most-awarded female act of all-time female musician and one of the best-selling Whitney Houston 170 million albums certification musicians ever. Houston found dead Beverly Hilton Hotel day before Grammy cause unknown, Houston Bodyguard box office Grammy
Patricia Stephens Due
Died Feb. 7 (b. 1939)
Patricia Stephens Due was a lifelong activist in the civil rights movement African american civil rights movement. She was part of the first jail-in refuse pay fine Woolworth's Tallahassee 1960 and remained incarcerated for many days due jail 49 days. Patricia due thyroid cancer, Patricia due tear gas glasses, Patricia due ordinary extraordinary
Janice Voss
Died Feb. 6 (b. 1956)
Astronaut Janice Voss traveled to space multiple times Janice voss five times, tying the NASA record for women. She began working for NASA at age 16, Voss nasa 16 intern. Janice voss breast cancer, Voss nearly 19 million miles circling Earth
Florence Green
Died Feb. 4 (b. 1901)
Florence Green was part of a special British battalion Florence Green women's royal air force and was the last surviving veteran of World War I. Florence Green cause of death nursing home, Green "Not much different to being 109" 
Ben Gazzara
Died Feb. 3 (b. 1930)
Actor Ben Gazzara was a TV, stage and film actor whose career began in the 1950s, Gazzara treasury men medallion justice and extended to a 1990s cult classic Gazzara big lebowski and a 2003 Emmy Award Gazzara hysterical emmy. Gazzara cancer, Gazzara "anniversary of the death" cassavetes  
Zalman King
Died Feb. 3 (b. 1942)
Filmmaker Zalman King expanded the erotic in films like "9½ Weeks" and on late-night TV +Zalman king soft-core showtime. Zalman King cancer, Zalman king filmography 
Don Cornelius
Died Feb. 1 (b. 1936)
Don Cornelius was the creator and longtime, Cornelius host 1971 1993 host of "Soul Train" Don Cornelius suicide, Cornelius "bet your last money" "as always in parting, we wish you".
Angelo Dundee
Died Feb. 1 (b. 1921)
Angelo Dundee was a popular boxing trainer who nurtured "The Greatest" +Angelo Dundee young Ali and worked with George Foreman and Sugar Ray Leonard. Angelo dundee natural causes, Dundee leonard "You're blowing it, son! You're blowing it!"
Tom Martinez coach
Died Feb. 21 (b. 1946)
Tom Martinez was a football coach for a small college Tom Martinez College of San Mateo and some big clients tom Martinez elway russell (teenagers OR youth), most prominently for this standout Tom Brady QB from the New England Patriots. Tom martinez heart attack dialysis, Martinez taught him to throw forever indebted
Mike Kelley artist
Died Feb. 1 (b. 1954)
Artist Mike Kelley worked in many mediums mike kelley found objects textile banners drawings assemblage collage performance video, collaborated with his community "mike kelley" (la OR los angeles) "paul mccarthy" "tony oursler" "john miller" and was in a rock band mike kelley "the poetics". Mike kelley cause of death 
Ric Waite cinematographer
Died Feb. 18 (b. 1933)
The films of cinematographer Ric Waite include "Footloose," "48 Hrs.," "Red Dawn" and "The Long Riders." Ric waite natural causes, waite emmy miniseries "Captains and the Kings"
Michael Davis bassist
Died Feb. 17 (b. 1943)
Michael Davis was a multi-talented musician, michael davis guitarist singer songwriter music producer who was the bassist for revolutionary MC5. Davis liver failure wife, Davis mc5 national convention riot 
Dick Anthony Williams
Died Feb. 16 (b. 1934)
Dick Anthony Williams was a wide-ranging actor, known on Broadway Dick Anthony Williams broadway tony and for portraying an icon Dick Anthony Williams Malcolm X. Dick Anthony Williams died unknown, Dick Anthony Williams "The Homefront" Jeffersons "L.A. Law" "The X-Files" "Law & Order" "NYPD Blue" 
Gary Carter baseball
Died Feb. 16 (b. 1954)
Baseball legend, Gary carter inducted hall of fame Gary Carter was a carter catcher "21 year career" , a champion hitter, carter World Series 12th-inning single 10th-inning game and a coach +gary carter minor (college OR university) coach. Gary carter dies cancer, gary carter youth enthusiasm kid 
Elyse Knox
Died Feb. 16 (b. 1917)
Actress Elyse Knox was a B-movie queen +elyse knox b-movie before retiring to raise children with her trophy-winning husband knox Heisman Trophy winner Tom Harmon. Their son is a famous actor mark harmon. Elyse Knox died home, Knox lead The Mummy's Tomb 
Zelda Kaplan
Died Feb. 15 (b. 1916)
Zelda Kaplan was a famous New York socialite Kaplan "New York" nightclubs closing trademark outfit and an activist, especially for women in Africa +Zelda Kaplan women Africa. Kaplan collapsing at runway show, "her name is zelda" hbo 
Russell Arms actor
Died Feb. 13 (b. 1920)
Actor and singer Russell Arms starred on "Your Hit Parade" and wrote an acclaimed book, arms my hit parade ... and a few misses about it. Russell arms Hamilton wife, Actor russell arms military
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