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Double lives : People with secret lives---These smooth operators harbored hidden families, professions and even names from their loved ones. From suburban spouses to heads of state, check out their secret lives.

Thomas Jefferson mistress
The third U.S. president Thomas Jefferson and author of the nation’s "self-evident truths" Declaration of Independence is believed to have had a slave mistress she Sally Hemings, again and fathered at least one (if not all) of her six children. James T. Callender + Richmond newspaper accusation + Thomas Jefferson + Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson + Sally Hemings + DNA analysis in 1998, Sally Hemings + Martha Jefferson + half-sisters
Francois Mitterrand secret family
France's former president Francois Mitterrand started a long-term extramarital affair before entering office and his mistress gave birth to a daughter. The secret went public shortly before his death Francois Mitterrand + prostate cancer in 1996. Paris Match + Francois Mitterrand + photo of illegitimate daughter, French journalists kept Mitterrand secret, Mazarine Pingeot Mitterrand + Not a Word + Bouche Cousue
Arnold Schwarzenegger affair
After a decade of secrecy, the former California governor and Hollywood action hero The Expendables 2 Glendale, CA came clean about fathering a child with a household staffer. The baby was born less than a week after his famous wife she Maria Shriver, again gave birth to their son. Schwarzenegger + After leaving the governor's office I told my wife about this event, Arnold Schwarzenegger + Maria Shriver + therapy
Douglas Cone double life
For nearly 30 years, the wealthy tycoon he earn it Douglas Cone Tampa highway construction secretly kept two families living in the lap of luxury, 20 miles away from each other (see where). He fathered three children with his wife of 52 years and two with another woman, Hillary Carlson former employee Douglas Cone. Douglas Cone married Hillary Carlson two weeks after wife's death, Donald Carlson + Douglas Cone
John Edwards secret affair
The former senator and White House hopeful was exposed for having an extramarital affair with his campaign videographer, who then bore his child. He allegedly siphoned campaign funds John Edwards allegedly more than $925,000 in contributions to cover it all up. The National Enquirer + John Edwards affair + 2007, John Edwards + indicted + six felony charges, John Edwards + opening statements + April 23, John Edwards + Rielle Hunter + sex tape
Michael Fenter double life
An organic farmer and boat repairman from Port Townsend Port Townsend, Washington seemed like your typical married father of three. In October 2009, his unwitting wife found out he was a suspected serial bank robber. Michael Fenter + arrested outside a Tacoma bank, Michael Fenter + $73,000, Michael Fenter + "John Doe bandit" , Michael Fenter + Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco and Sacramento, Michael Fenter sentenced to 10 years in prison
Nicholas Francisco double life
When this former ad man Publicis returned home to his pregnant wife and two kids, police started a search and an online campaign got under way. He was later found living under a different name Nicholas Francisco + Alex Martin and leading a swinging lifestyle in clubs and online. Nicholas Francisco + wife found secret bank account, Nicholas Francisco + America's Most Wanted, Nicholas Francisco found in California, Nicholas Francisco + There are lots of kids that don't have dads. Nicholas Francisco disappearance ABC News

Vito Fossella
He's a former five-term congressman Staten Island, NY who fathered a child in an extramarital affair with a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel. Meanwhile, he had a wife and three kids at home. Vito Fossella + DWI arrest led to admitting affair, Vito Fossella + Staten Island GOP endorsement

Gordon Getty double life
The oil heir billionaire the family patriarch J. Paul Getty had a longtime affair and fathered three children with his L.A. mistress Cynthia Beck + Gordon Getty, while his wife Ann Getty + Gordon Getty raised their four sons in his hometown San Francisco, California. Gordon Getty + family fully supportive, Gordon Getty + daughters filed petition + name change

Anna Gristina
She’s a suburban mom of four she immigrate from Edinburgh, United Kingdom who rescues animals by day but was arrested for allegedly running a high-profile brothel by night. Manhattan Madam + Anna Gristina, Anna Gristina + five-year DA investigation, Anna Gristina + one count of promoting prostitution, Anna Gristina + $2 million bond at Rikers Island, Alleged partner Jaynie Baker turns herself in

Chris Hutcheson second family
Hutcheson — a longtime business partner with his celebrity chef son-in-law Gordon Ramsay — was discovered hiding a second family of two children with his mistress, Chris Hutcheson + Frances CollinsGordon Ramsay + hired private detectives to investigate father-in-law,  Chris Hutcheson + obtained super-injunction, Chris Hutcheson + Sara Stewart + £5,000 retainer, Chris Hutcheson + Gordon Ramsay + settled out of court
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