Sunday, 29 April 2012

Elise Testone Cocky Idol Exit---Idol exit Q&A with Elise Testone, American Idol: Elise Testone exit: American Idol reject, 28-year old Elise Testone, was voted out last Thursday night and Hollie Cavanagh couldn’t’ be happier about it, since it was between the two of them at the bottom.

The previous week, Colton Dixon took a very “cocky” exit and maybe it’s just the vibe back stage, but Elise has now shockingly done the exact same thing as Colton. Elise, a New Jersey native, left Idol with her head held up relatively high, even though she couldn’t crack a smile.

But when Elise got off Idol property, she held nothing back about her Idol experience with the judges, she told OK! that the judges were not helpful one bit, “I’d like to say that they were, but I don’t really feel that way. I am sorry. I feel bad about it.”

How on earth can Elise feel that those feelings are justified? She goes on… “It was just different for me, I am 28, so I’m young, but I feel like I have had an even longer lifetime of work because of how much I have done.

I have learned so much so some things that they said didn’t line up with things I have learned on my own, so I didn’t feel that it was always helpful. I am not saying I know everything, but for the most part, I don’t think that what they said always made sense. It’s hard to judge someone and tell them who they are, when you don’t even know who they are.”

Ok, so we know Elise has already opened for Snoop Dogg, Nappy Roots and Kevin Costner’s band Modern West.

But has she amassed an estimated 55 million dollars in record sales worldwide? Nope, but Jennifer Lopez has. Did she ever receive a Grammy? Nope, but Randy Jackson did. Has she been performing for over 41 years? Nope, but Steven Tyler has.

Now, I’m left with one question, if Elise was so “famous” already, why did she have to audition for American Idol in the first place? Personally, I see a big future for Elise and Colton, singing on cruise ships!

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