Sunday, 29 April 2012

Emily Blunt as Princess Diana---Emily Blunt as Princess Diana, The News of Princess Diana’s Death to Her Parents: In an early scene in the film, Emily Blunt’s character dresses as Princess Diana for a “design your own superhero party.”

Blunt, who is British, told reporters that the whole experience was “quite surreal.”

She also revealed that she was the one who told her parents about Diana’s death in 1997. “I played the cello as a kid, so I was always up before everyone practicing like a complete nerd,” she said.

“I turned on the TV and it was just everywhere. So I went down and woke my mom up and my dad, and I just said, ‘Princess Diana’s dead.’

“My mom started crying, and my dad was sort of keeled over the bed,” Blunt added. “She was so emblematic of our country, so it was so awful.”
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