Friday, 20 April 2012

Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles – Hairstyle Appreciation Day. Female stars have been defined by their celebrity hairstyles for decades. Here are the top 10 hair icons in recent memory. Starting before movies, television, photography or even electricity, hairstyles have defined female celebrities and vice versa. We take a moment to pay homage to the top 10 most iconic celebrity hairstyles in recent history, including a few from right now.

Gwen Stefani: It seems like yesterday that the innovative Stefani was enchanting young girls everywhere with her pink or blue or platinum random hair knots. Actually, it was yesterday. Gwen Stefani continues to return to her defining hairstyle even now, perhaps with a slightly more sophisticated approach.

Pink: One great way to associate a hairstyle with your image is to name yourself after your hair. Pink’s hair, while it’s been many colors, was originally pink. No matter what color the locks, Pink now owns this Heat Meiser-ish upsweep of her trademark boyishly short hair.

Liza Minnelli: Some of us can remember when a hairstyle this short and spikey on a woman was considered ground-breaking and quite daring. Liza was spiking her hair before Green Day was potty training.

Ivana Trump: Ivana Trump made her mark on hair history by answering her divorce from millionaire Donald Trump with a triumphant makeover. As part of the makeover, this updo hairstyle immediately became Ivana’s trademark and took its rightful place amongst the most iconic hairstyles of all time.

Rihanna: Iconic hair often seems to come accompanied by a talent for overcoming adversity. Rihanna kept a low profile during and after adversity found her. Upon returning to the spotlight, this daring scene-stealing hairstyle seemed to tell the world that Rihanna was stronger and more confident than ever.

Kate Gosselin: There’s a fine line between fame and infamy. This is true for both celebrities and their iconic hairstyles. Kate Gosselin (and her hair strangely captivating hairstyle) embodies this notion perhaps better than just about anyone in recent memory.

Tina Turner: Tina Turner is the original powerful female to overcome great challenges and emerge with … an iconic hairstyle. It’s hard to imagine Turner performing her trademark energetic moves onstage without her signature electric hairstyle playing its part.

Madonna: Sure, many think of her original tangled — almost dreadlocked — mop tied back with a lace ribbon as the signature Madonna ‘do. But the peak of Madge’s career came with her “Truth or Dare” tour and the film that documented it. As moviegoers watched Madonna’s stylist create this “I Dream of Jeannie”-inspired updo hairstyle before each performance, the image of it, and her pointy Gaultier bra, burned itself into the collective memory for eternity.

Marge Simpson: Who among us, at one time or another, hasn’t related so intensely to Marge Simpson that she believed with all her heart that she’d be entirely comfortable in a two-foot high beehive hairstyle? God bless Marge Simpson and all she stands for. Her story will never be tarnished and her place in history never challenged.

Farrah Fawcett: Numero uno should come as no surprise. While her acting career and love life had its ups and downs, the “Farrah Flip” is firmly seated as the biggest hair craze that ever was. Nearly every woman from every walk of life felt compelled to copy this untamed, layered hairstyle. Farrah, mostly thanks to her spectacular mane, was the biggest sex symbol since Marilyn Monroe. And, importantly, this style still looks great today.
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