Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Maybach Six Figure Rebate---Video Maybach Six Figure Rebate: A luxury car maker for car maybach is trying to move cars off the lots by offering buyers six-figure rebates. The cars cost maybach 400000 come with V-12 engines, Bose sound systems and video monitors with a DVD players. The big rebate is reportedly a result of the company's decision to kill the brand by 2013.

The rumors, the announcement, of it was enough to believe a once sensible company like Daimler-Benz could have created something so outrageously, ridiculously impractical as a six-figure, all-white, high-performance, partial-convertible, super-luxury limousine. Seeing it on video doesn't quite make it believable either.

It's kinda like the Moon Landing to conspiracy theorists that way. But short of seeing it up close and in person - which we hope won't be necessary - this is just about as close as we'd want to get. Okay, we believe, we believe. Just make it stop.

t's not much of a stretch to imagine plonking down the six figures it would take to drive home in a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, assuming your pocketbook were so well endowed. After all, when it comes to boulevard cruisers, it doesn't get much more luxurious.

That's what most might do, but Roland Hall is not most people. Instead of simply dropping by the local Rolls dealer and ordering his DHC, he commissioned Pininfarina to build him something more unique.

The result was the the Hyperion – a one-off Rolls-Royce convertible penned by no less regarded a talent than Jason Castriota. The car was rumored to be up for sale off and on, but has now popped up at a showroom in Abu Dhabi where it is for sale at an undisclosed price. Previous reports put its MSRP at around $6 million, and if anyone has that kind of scrap to blow on the ultimate status symbol, they probably live nearby.

We knew Fisker had another model in the works designed to be more affordable than its six-figure Karma sedan. Although there had been some teasers up until now, we hadn’t seen full pictures of the car. Well, here they are.

Previously referred to as the “Project Nina” the rear license plate on the car clearly shows the name “Atlantic.” In the midst of election year politics, and the sudden evaporation of federal loan guarantees for advanced-technology vehicle development, many were uncertain about the fate of Fisker’s second car.

The appearance of the handsome Atlantic, whether planned or not, is probably a welcome distraction from the spate of negative publicity the company has received from its poor review from Consumer Reports, which reported its test vehicle shut off unexpectedly in the middle of testing.

To add to the drama surrounding the automotive start-up, the eponymous CEO Henrik Fisker was recently replaced by Chrysler veteran Tom LaSorda, who took over chief executive duties at the company a little over a month ago.

Little is officially known about the Atlantic, but it’s believed it’s range extender will be a turbocharged BMW four-cylinder, and that it may be produced in Wilmington, Delaware at the same plant where the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky roadsters were formerly produced.
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